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The OpenEye Search

Technology has shaped how private investigators work. We utilize sources that weren’t available to us years, months, or even days ago. And, it’s constantly changing.

We can find things for you that we couldn’t before – social media has allowed private investigators to find information on people previously unavailable.

Databases and repositories of information about people, places, and businesses are at our fingertips.

Much of the information we collect from Open Sources of Intelligence (OSINT), we can gather for you from the comfort of our office.

But, when we combine old-school gumshoe type efforts with the new school technology available, we call that the OpenEye Search.

If you click here you can get a sampling of the OSINT we use in our OpenEye Search.

Why use the OpenEye Search? Because the world is online now more and more every day and the things they post can be helpful in your case.

We use what people post to win cases.

Why can’t I just Google my Subject? Of course you can. And, Google is an invaluable tool that we’ll always use.

But, there are dozens of other search engines like Google. Not only that, Google crawls just the surface of the internet which is about 4-5% of the entire web.

There’s another 95% out there!

That’s called the Deep Web. We have the expertise, training, and experience to find what’s in the Deep Web and use it in your case!

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