Drive – Daniel H. Pink

Drive Daniel Pink

The secret to high performance isn’t biologically related. Nor is it quite reward and punishment driven.

It’s our deep-seated desire to:

  1. Direct own lives. To be autonomous.
  2. Expand our abilities. To master our craft.
  3. Live a life of purpose.

A “Sagmeister” is a planned sabbatical. Sagmeister, who this term is named after take an entire year from his business, literally closing up shop, so he can refresh his ideas. The result is that he’s got a business that will last him for the rest of his life a non-stop , idea machine.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the best moments in our lives are not passive, receptive, relaxing times despite being enjoyable (think: lying on a beach). They are the times in which we worked hard with a purpose to obtain them. It’s FLOW; when our bodies and minds stretch in a voluntary effort towards something difficult and worthwhile. Flow is also known at being “in the zone.”