All Marketers Are Liars – Seth Godin

all marketers are liars by seth godin

A great story:

  • True. But not because it’s factual, but b/c it’s authentic and consistent.
  • Makes a promise. It says it is fun, it’s about money, safety, or involves a shortcut and delivers on that promise.
  • Is trusted.
  • Is subtle. It allows the audience to draw their own conclusions.
  • Happens fast.
  • Appeal to senses, not logic.
  • Is rarely aimed at everyone. It focuses an audience.
  • Doesn’t contradict itself.
  • Agrees with our worldview. Frames our words or images and interactions that reinforce a bias someone is already feeling. Everyone has a worldview, so frame your story in terms of that worldview.
  • Is noticeable and different. (purple cow)

We make extremely judgmental 1st impressions and then we resist changing them.

Stories let us lie to ourselves. The story sells, not the goods or products.

On competition with the big boys: “Don’t try to out-Amazon, Amazon.” Find your story and tell it.

Make your story repeatable. The “I can’t believe that!” stories are ones that beg to be repeated. Find that story and tell it repeatedly. Boredom will not help you grow – be a purple cow.

On extremism: You succeed in marketing by being an extremist on the far left or far right, and then you gracefully shift your product or service to the middle. (think: Metallica and Green Day).