Gravitas is a private investigations firm that specializes in background checks, due diligence, and surveillance for business owners, insurance providers, property owners, and others. Owned by a seasoned private investigator, this firm tailors its efforts to be exactly what customers need.
Simply put, we’re obsessed with getting our hands dirty. We stay above the law at all times, but dig deep. Deeper than your average PI firm. We take a customized approach to find exactly what you need.  The results keep you informed and gives you peace of mind.
Almost anything could happen if you allow risky behavior to continue. If you’re renting property to an untrustworthy tenant, they’ll continue to lower your property values and take money out of your pocket. If you don’t conduct surveillance on the suspicious workers’ compensation claimant, you’ll be paying tons of money in insurance premiums each month. Don’t let that happen.
That’s complicated. You see, the only organization that has a true nationwide search is housed by the FBI. Plus, it’d be illegal for us to “have a guy on the inside” who can get them for us. No passing unmarked manila folders across the diner. Fortunately, we can access public criminal records from nearly every county, and in every state. We have both the avenues and resources to help.
We’re happy to answer any other question you may have. Shoot us an email at adam@gravitas-pros.com or call us anytime at (513) 310-5150
To best fit your specific needs, Gravitas offers different levels of service depending on level of involvement. Go for just the basics at an affordable rate or opt for the deep dive that gets us fully involved. To contact us about prices call (513) 310-5150 or email us at adam@gravitas-pros.com.
Yes, Gravitas has contacts all throughout the USA and overseas. We’ve personally vetted each one, so you know you’re getting top quality.
Gravitas sets itself apart from the pack because of the team behind the work. The company is led by an expert private investigator who has over ten years of experience. Paired with a deep knowledge base and a contagious desire to win, you have more than just a computer system on your side. You have the support of real pros.
The easy answer? As long as you want. Your budget, whether $30 or $3000, will help determine how deep you’d like us to dig. The good news is that we’re really efficient at digging. Like, way better than honey badgers. (Have you seen a honey badger dig?) So you’re always guaranteed to get the best rate when you hire Gravitas.
Probably not. We secretly wish we were as good as Ace Ventura at tracking down missing animals, but we aren’t. Lost relatives though? Of course!