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We’re obsessed with getting you results, like:

Court Records

Constantly scouring to find your subject’s dirty deeds

Credit History

Avoid renting to a tenant who can’t pay

OpenEye Search

Our proprietary search that digs into the 94% of the internet that’s below the surface


You’ll never see us, but we’ll see you

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Is my prospective employee leaving out info from their resume?

Gravitas conducts thorough background checks, utilizing the best techniques to ensure you’re hiring the best candidate.

Is my potential tenant untrustworthy?

By conducting a tenant screen, you’ll find out whether your renter is reliable.

Is my partner still faithful? Is my ex-spouse violating a cohabitation agreement? How can I get full custody of my child?

Our OpenEye Search coupled with the efforts from our top-notch surveillance investigators will help you get peace of mind.

Is this insurance claim legitimate? Is my claimant abusing their workers’ compensation restrictions?

In the insurance world, fraud happens all too often. We combat that by intense, aggressive, and accurate investigations using each of the services we offer at our disposal.

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